The Treasury Department is responsible for collecting all monies due the Township including but not limited to; taxes (real and personal), water bills, special assessments, building permits, engineering & planning escrows, parks and recreation receipts, civil infractions, franchise fees and Township invoices. We do daily reconciliation of the monies received prior to deposit.

Other activities within the Treasurer’s Office:

We prepare:

  • all investments of the Township monies in compliance with Public Act 20 of 1943 and Public Act 77 of 1989 as amended, as well as policies established by the Township Board
  • nearly 9,000 tax bills for both summer and winter collections
  • semi-monthly balancing and disbursements for all tax collections
  • annual special assessment billings
  • monthly collection reports as well as annual audit reports for our water and sewer special assessment districts
  • quarterly water/sewer billings for over 6,300 accounts along with second notices and shut off notices if applicable
  • daily work-orders for water service repairs and service changes
  • monthly cash disbursement reports as well as annual audit reports for our water/sewer usage collections

We process:

  • monthly reconciliation for all of our bank accounts
  • Board of Review, State Tax Commission and Michigan Tax Tribunal adjustments
  • overpayments and refunds when applicable for all of our financial accounts
  • March settlement with the County of Monroe
  • Property tax deferments
  • Daily accounts payable in cooperation with the Clerk’s Department.

We provide:

  • annual reports to State tax commission for Industrial Facility Taxes (IFTs)
  • tax and water account information to residents, banks, realtors, tax preparers, mortgage and title companies

We continually work toward the collection of all delinquent personal property taxes, successful annual audit reports and most of all providing quality customer service.

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